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Wallpapers About Us

About Us

We provide wallpapers that inspire people to dream and explore the world!

Our History

Our small team has an extensive background in the arts. Over the years we have specialized in painting, photography, digital art, etc.

Our Vision

To help spread art and the beauty in the world.

Latest News

Inauguration and our Country

In honor of our country we are sharing these new wallpapers. Whether you are happy or sad about the direction of this country, you can’t help but be proud.  When …

Renoartio Photography Contests

RENOARTIO PHOTOGRAPHY CONTESTS If you are looking to make a few bucks with your photography, or would just like to get some feedback on your wallpapers, you should check out …

Brief History of Desktop Images

Brief History of Desktop Images Wallpapers date back to the mid 1980’s, beginning with the X Window System. The term “Wallpaper” was used by Microsoft Windows to explain a digital …